The Darkest Hearts is a hard rock band that echoes characteristics of grunge with strong, melodic pop rock vocals against almost heavy metal instrumentals and organic tones, hailing from Tennessee.

Recently, The Darkest Hearts’ newest release “Mississippi Devil” has been spinning on 102.9 FM Wbzz, Z 97.5, Rock Rage Radio,  Valley 89.5 Australia, “Pick of the Week” and traction on Spotify. Over the course of 2017/ 2018 The Darkest Hearts were seen opening or direct support for acts such as Blacktop Mojo, Super Bob, Smile Empty Soul, Jennifer Hudson, Saliva, and Hinder.  The Darkest Hearts were nominated for the 2016 Nashville Industry Music Award for Best Alternative Rock Band and 2017 Best Rock Vocalist. They are drawing attention world-wide for their unique combination of rock, pop and punk genres, featuring striking guitars and rich, theatrical vocals.

Mississippi Devil is available now!

Mississippi Devil’s deep bass creates the heavy atmosphere intertwined with crunchy and sometimes atmospheric guitars.  Combined, the instruments create a undeniable groove.  The dark imagery combined with the complexities of the song’s alternative genre give it a truly unique vibe. The punchy drums drive the song as the strong heartbeat of Mississippi Devil.

The Darkest Hearts are currently booking their Mississippi Devil Tour 2018



Mississippi Devil - The Darkest Hearts

This song is an amazing piece of work the modern lyrics with catchy guitar melodies really made this track a masterpiece, music lovers of all other genre will fall in love with this song on the first listen.
The song was perfectly thought out, each element working with each other to create a neat track. 

No doubt people will be chanting some lines from this track. 

  - Miguel Kerr. is a talented music producer, song writer, and music critic located in Jamaica.

Alt Scribe loves discovering new bands right before anybody else. Hipsters included. The newest formation you all should get to know is The Darkest Hearts from Nashville, TN. 

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The Nashville combo garners inspiration from several rock sub-genres, ranging from the appeal of pop rock to the fury of punk and the monolithic stadium feel of hard rock. 


The Darkest Hearts “Disappear” is a great radio song! Guitars! Guitars! Guitars! A great Summer listen for sure.

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