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  • 7/17/18 UPDATE!!😈 #TDH #NEWS

    Hey TDH Army/ Dark Hearts!

    Over the past few weeks plans and discussions, meetings and research, has begun on the production of the music video for "Mississippi Devil" !   The Darkest Hearts are so excited to release the news of this new project!

    A new album is in the works as well! TDH will be working hard on writing and demoing out many new songs for the upcoming record! Title to be announced at a later date.


    If you know us, you know that The Darkest Hearts have a high standard that we set for anything we do and we do it for YOU! #TDHarmy #DarkHearts   The Darkest Hearts creates and focuses meticulously on the art and therefore, the processes are a little longer but we hope that the end result meets yours and our expectations and sets the bar higher than the standard squeaky mouse out there. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU AND DO NOT WANT TO DISAPPOINT YOU EVER.